Coffee in Yokine

19 Dec 2019 08:51

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Our pet friendly cafe has saved some outside seats for your fur babies. we've got a range of expensive bling for dogs also, if you are inclined to spoil your dog. The target users of this coffee shop are pupils, which is a broad international group represented by different races and ethnicities. Seating in the dog cafe in Perth area is restricted so it's advisable to book ahead if you're visiting as part of a large group. This pet friendly cafe serves the best coffee for you to enjoy all year round.You can meet someone for an occasion or business meeting at our cafe in Perth. it's super quiet and relaxing making it the ideal place to return for a quiet business trade. The cafe is a relaxing place to go with your dog. Check out our doggy play area out the back. If you miss the great old days, spending in the dog cafe in Perth is truly delivering the goods by bringing it back together! Are you one of our regulars who visit our cafe daily?We hope so. People are frequently laughing and enjoying themselves in our relaxed atmosphere. The coffee shop has a lot of space. Our canine cafe is a dog owner's dream! Handmade treats for our four-legged friends are served at a deli-type atmosphere. Now the pet friendly cafe is quite my cup of tea, and it's an experience to be sure. The coffee shop has a lot of space. The coffee shop contains three spaces for guests, including the main coffee house, a greenhouse and a children play center.Our cafe is an excellent cafe for you and your dog.

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