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18 Dec 2019 09:19

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Whether you're looking for a casual atmosphere to enjoy a conversation with a buddy or you will need the perfect location to study for an upcoming exam, our coffee shop was designed to meet the needs of our customers. The pet cafe that makes you feel part of their family, wherever you're from. Pop into our coffee shop for a drink, or peruse our shop items. The dog cafe in Perth has quickly become really popular with tourists and locals, and it shouldn't come as a surprise as the nation has been seeing a huge spike in the popularity of these stubby-legged dogs.Our dog coffee shop is a city favorite. Stay tuned for further news about this particular dog coffee shop which will be selling boutique dog products, dog friendly ice-cream, and love and bliss that will last you the whole day. The walls of the cafe are used to display a wide choice of original artwork and prints available to buy. There is a large alfresco area out the back where you are able to enjoy time with your dog. We have people from all cultures, age groups and different needs come to our coffee shop as a result of its accessability and atmosphere.Many individuals stop by our cafe to enjoy the relaxing and comfortable setting. Doggy cafe - when your friends are too busy, grab your puppy pal and head to doggy cafe for some bonding time with your furry friend. Located north of Perth, the cafe is in a good spot for many wishing to visit. Fresh cakes are available daily in our coffee shop for residents to enjoy with their visitors. we've got a array of expensive bling for dogs also, if you are inclined to spoil your dog.The first pet friendly cafe that welcomes dogs and other pets. You can purchase dog food and other dog items within our boutique. It wouldn't be a perfect cup without the care and love our coffee shop has for our customers. Just make sure you get over to our cafe for the most unqiue experience in Perth, western australia.

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