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18 Dec 2019 16:38

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We now have indoor seating available and yes all accepted from the health department as we have a particular structure keeping dogs out of the kitchen. Though the dog cafe in Perth may have handlers trained to take care of the dogs, it's still important to understand your little one. There are many seats and chairs so you wont feel like you are cramped or have to sit close to anyone. Great for those types of dogs that need a little space. The coffee shop is also serving a choice of delicious cakes, handmade by our chef.Doggy cafe is a place which allows dog owners to chill with a coffee, while their four-legged babies frolic as they please. Enjoy a naughty hot chocolate or coffee. This dog cafe in Perth was completely lisa frank inspired and the collection of my little pony toys scattered in the kids area in the cafe is living proof. Seating in the cafe area is restricted so it's advisable to book ahead if you're visiting within a large group. The friendly helpful staff, relaxed atmosphere and ideal layout of the coffee shop will ensure you a pleasant experience.The first pet friendly cafe that welcomes dogs and other pets. In contrast to the sharp lines of the road, the built-in seating areas in the heart of the coffee shop are defined by flowing, curved surfaces of poured-in-place. We have people from all cultures, age groups and different needs come to our coffee shop due to its accessability and atmosphere. Have you seen some of the plush toys and squeekers offered in store for your dog? Due to demand we're proud to announce that our coffee shop has been extended, so many more people can now be accommodated and enjoy the freshly made food and beverages.The coffee store will always have a choice of coffee beans on offer, comprising of the legendary brazilian love affair house mix, and a guest single source or seasonal arabica blend. Meet people in the local cafe or enjoy an afternoon snack or treat. Our pet friendly cafe can continue to operate as a cafe, serving meals and beverages to patrons sitting at the store. Our coffee shop has spent a long time building up close relationships with our clients, making us the best gathering place for friends, coworkers and family.

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